ho.li.go.li (home living good living)

“Home Living Good Living” – At Holigoli, we strive to provide all Indonesians with modern-minimalist concept furniture, and an affordable and attractive pricing. Our guarantee for furniture’s craftsmanship and best price offers our customers a peace of mind and better buying experience. 


Holigoli becomes the e-commerce platform that allows users to choose their furniture online from the comfort of their homes. This means no traffic involved, and the hassles and pressure to purchase.


Privacy, Convenience and Speedy delivery for you!

To enhance every home into a multi-creative and inspirational living space


a. Monitors every production process to ensure products’ quality and craftsmanship

b. Develops affordable pricing for people to enjoy high quality concept furniture

c. Consistently inspire designers to keep up-to-date with product designs and trends

d. Integrates excitement and professionalism of our people to provide exceptional service to customers

Why Holigoli

Founded in 2015, Holigoli is an online Retail Furnishing company made up of design centric teams. Considered as one of the first online concept furniture companies in Indonesia, Holigoli focuses on Functional, Model Concept and as well as Essential furniture.

Functional Concept Furniture allows you to utilize and transform furniture into multi-purpose, space saving and cost efficient furniture.

Model Concept Furniture offers you everyday furniture that comes with unique shapes with standard purpose that doesn’t transform much.

Essential Furniture allows for consumers to enjoy the use of table, chair and sofa as is with unique colours and sizes.